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Legal Interpreters

Solten offers language interpreters for various legal proceedings (Adjustment of Status meetings, Asylum Hearings, Depositions, Mediations, etc.). Our team will identify the interpreter with the most relevant experience in your type of legal proceeding. To book an interpreter, please provide the following details:



Please provide any details or documents that might be relevant for the interpreter in order to prepare
for the meeting. If you received a Form I-797C “Notice of action” please upload it here.

File name:

File size:

Checks and Money Orders must be written as payable to “Solten Corp” and mailed to 350 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Name of Bank: Bank of America
Address: Alton Road Banking Center, 1414 Alton Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Account Number: 8980 9052 6887
Routing Number – ACH & Electronics: 063100277
Routing Number – Domestic Wire: 026009593

Please note that we must receive confirmation of payment at least 48 hours before the interview in order to confirm our interpreter. We receive confirmation immediately for Credit/Debit card payments, within 24 hours for Wire Transfer within the US, and within 48 hours of reception for checks (+ post office delivery time). Cancelation / reschedule policy: 24 hours.

Please submit the form, our Project Manager will contact you with a price offer.


How do you find the right interpreter?

Solten has an extensive network of qualified interpreters who have been prescreened and vetted. Before we send an interpreter to an assignment they receive detailed instructions so they will be prepared for your meeting. This is why it is important for you to provide as much details as possible prior to the appointment and even arrange a brief phone call to ensure a clear understanding of the context.

What happens if my appointment is rescheduled?

Please email as soon as possible with the new appointment details, so that we can reschedule your interpreter. For notifications less than 24 hours in advance we cannot give a refund, and an additional fee for the new appointment will be charged.

What happens if my appointment is cancelled?

You must notify us at least 24 hours in advance in order to receive a refund. No refunds can be provided with less than 24 hours’ notice because our interpreters have to block out there time in advance and would not be able to accept another assignment on short notice.

My interpreter is not at the location at the time of the meeting?

We request that all Interpreters be on-site 15 minutes prior to the appointment start time. If you do not see your interpreter at the prearranged meeting spot, please call the interpreter on his/her contact number that we provided. If there is no answer wait one minute, call once more and then please call our office: (786) 485-0620.

Is information pertaining to my appointment kept confidential?

All of our interpreters sign a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect the privacy of your information.


Project delivery date


File name:

File size: