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Workshops & Seminars

Solten has designed a programme combining training, discovery and team building. Programme participants will develop new professional skills while travelling the world. Our event management experts offer some of the best professional workshops and seminars in a variety of topics.

“Fight-or-Flight” – What is your reaction when it comes to public speaking? According to some research, the fear of public speaking is more common than the fear of death!

Solten provides workshops dedicated to professionals who wish to improve their verbal skills for public speaking, whether or not English is their first language. Our coaches are specialized in verbal and nonverbal communication (rhetoric and body language). They will show you tricks and techniques that can enhance your public speaking ability and give you the foundation for future improvement. In our workshops you will learn to:

  • No longer be intimidated by speaking in public. Gain confidence, feedback and experience
  • Structure your speech to convey your ideas and actively involve your listeners
  • Identify and learn tools to correct bad habits that reduce the impact of your speech
  • Adapt to your audience
  • Get ready to face potential mishaps during your speech
  • Promote your company in 1 minute (elevator pitch)

At the end of the workshop, each participant receives personalized feedback and material on mastering the art of public speaking.

Combine business and pleasure. Our initial destinations are diverse and inviting: Miami Beach, the historic centers of Prague and Budapest, and the Mediterranean beauty of Malta. Our package combines workshops with destination travel, and our variety of destinations in Europe and North America are sure to help you discover some of the most interesting places in the world while enhancing your marketability and business skills. You will stay in the most prestigious hotels (4 to 5 stars), taste the cuisine and experience the city accompanied by a local guide.

During your stay, we take care of:

  • Training program with our carefully selected coaches
  • Accommodation in the best hotels
  • Friendly learning environment with all necessary equipment
  • Discovery of the city through exclusive tours, trips and events
  • Food and beverage for the whole duration of your stay

Our event management specialists take great care planning every aspect of your travel experience with professionalism and creativity. Their primary goal is to make sure your stay is comfortable, educational and of course fun.

Develop the skills that your employees need while traveling and discovering new and exciting destinations. Relax while we manage the organization.
Choose your focus:

  • Are you looking for a team building trip with a specialized coach to train your employees in new skills and guarantee that your team forms new, solidifying bonds?
  • Do you want to reward your employees (or yourself) by strengthening your or their professional network? Share the workshops with other like-minded professionals from other companies.

Our program includes activities aimed at strengthening team spirit. We’ll encourage you and/or your team to discover your individual talents and find a sense of meaning within your workplace. You’ll be offered the chance to network with influential and like-minded professionals during training periods and leisure time. We offer this and much more all while experiencing life in exceptional settings.

Our service can be used as a training or incentive program, a reward for your team’s hard work, a team building event, a networking opportunity to meet other professionals who seek and share similar goals, or an exciting and educational pre-organized travel experience.


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Our unique offer combines a coaching program with either team building or networking activities depending on your preference.

Our coaches will train you and your team to improve your and their public speaking skills. They’ll approach each participant in a unique and specialized way depending on the individual’s needs, making the training all the more effective.

Our team will support you and make sure everything runs smoothly. We’re here to advise you and answer any of your questions.

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